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Curve® bending actuators bring movement to your product

The Curve® bending actuator uses modern shape memory alloys with a so-called two-way effect, which contracts when heated to a defined temperature and lengthens again when cooled. Since the actuator consists of a single component and does not require any relative movement, it moves absolutely continuously and silently. At the same time, it is insensitive to dirt and media such as water and cleaning agents.

Tailor-made actuator modules for every application

The versatile, customizable properties of the actuator modules make it possible to tailor each module to the individual requirements of your innovative application. A modular manufacturing system means that a total of over 250 configurations are available. The key to easy product integration is the flexibly designed interfaces for mechanical and electrical integration into your product.

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F Force
s deflection
lxb length and width
R electrical resistance

...variety of
mechanical interfaces

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