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Moving possibilities at
minimal installation space and lowest weight

The Curve® bending actuators are particularly suitable for integrating adjustment functions into products in a compact and lightweight manner .

Since they do not require any gears or mechanics , the assembly effort is also reduced to a minimum.

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CompActive is a young technology company specializing in the development and production of actuators - specifically, new types of bending actuators . The patented technology allows the special performance profile of shape memory alloys to be used economically while keeping system complexity low.
Regardless of whether it is an innovative functional extension or the new edition of an established adjustment function, CompActive offers everything from feasibility studies, the construction of functional prototypes, to detailed design and production, from the idea to your new series product. The production facility in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, which has existed since 2020, ensures quality and availability "Made in Germany" for your series application. CompActive technology offers new actuators and actuator solutions across all industries! Do you have ideas, questions or are you interested in a sample actuator?

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