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Adjustment options
silent, light and small

Silent movement of ventilation flaps
in the narrowest space

In the context of airflow control functions, these videos show some examples of active vents, grilles or flaps. The four examples range from small gap vents to larger round vent grilles. All examples show what solutions can look like where there is the possibility of holding a position without permanent power supply and heating of a Curve actuator. This requires two Curve actuators, one each for the "open" and "close" movement directions. For adjustments, only one of the actuators needs to be activated briefly and only as far as the position adjustment is required. This enables silent active functions with low energy requirements. Three of the concepts are multi-stable, meaning any position between open and closed can be held after an actuator has pushed the lid into the desired position. One of the concepts uses the self-locking effect, which is based on a dedicated locking in different positions, in this case in 2 positions. A unique option with the Curve bending actuator is to place the actuator directly in the air duct, as the air flow is not obstructed by the flat design of the actuators. The robustness of the actuator is also ideal for applications such as this, as dirt and moisture are not critical for the actuator.

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